Genetic testing is done to help diagnose health problems, often rare, that are caused by a genetic alteration. Genetic testing can help identify if you are at a higher risk of getting a health condition, diagnose rare health conditions, provide invaluable information during your IVF cycle and much more.

Our team of experienced specialists at Jumeirah American Clinic can provide trusted genetics consultation and care.

Below is a comprehensive list of all Genetics treatments and testing that we specialize in.

Genetic Testing & IVF

  • 24-Chromosome PGS
  • 5-Chromosome PGS
  • Single Gene Disorder PGD
  • Translocation/ Inversion PGD
  • Implantation Window (IW)

Prenatal Testing 

  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
  • Analysis of CVS
  • Analysis of Amniotic Fluid
  • Pregnancy Loss Testing

Mutation Screening

  • Whole Exome Sequencing
  • Targeted Screening
  • Carrier Screening

Other Services

  • Ancestry Testing
  • Paternity Testing
  • Personalised Medicine


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