Nebal Ghadour | Clinic Manager - Jumeirah American Clinic
Nebal Ghandour

Clinic Manager

Nebal Ghandour is a dynamic and accomplished healthcare professional with over 25 years of experience. As the clinic manager at Jumeirah American Clinic, Nebal brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

With a BSc degree from the University of Toronto, Canada and a decade of service at the Ministry of Health, Nebal honed her skills as a freelance dietician, working at several top clinics in Dubai. Her 16-year tenure at Cosmesurge solidified her reputation as a dedicated and highly skilled healthcare provider.

Nebal is not just a skilled practitioner but also a sought-after media personality, appearing on popular Arabic television shows like DubaiTV and Sharjah TV, as well as being featured in the Gulf Today Newspaper.

What sets Nebal apart from others in her field is her unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction. Her passion for helping people achieve their health goals is the driving force behind her success.

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