Unlock the power of personalized genetic testing with our tailored services. Gain valuable insights into your genetic makeup to make informed decisions about your wellness journey. Choose from a range of testing options to optimize your well-being and achieve a healthier life.

Genetic Testing & IVF

Maximize your chances of a successful IVF treatment with our state-of-the-art genetic testing services.

24-Chromosome PGS

Ensure the health of your embryos.

5-Chromosome PGS

Focus on the most critical chromosomes for a successful pregnancy.

Single Gene Disorder PGD

Prevent the transmission of specific genetic disorders.

Translocation/ Inversion PGD

Identify chromosomal rearrangements that may impact fertility.

Implantation Window (IW)

Optimize your implantation timing & achieve pregnancy.

Mutation Screening

Uncover potential genetic risks and inform your healthcare decisions with our advanced mutation screening services.

Whole Exome Sequencing

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your genetic makeup.

Targeted Screening

Investigate specific genetic concerns.

Carrier Screening

Assess your risk of passing on genetic disorders to your children.

Prenatal Testing

Monitor your baby’s growth and ensure their health with our support with our Prenatal Testing Services.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

Screen for common chromosomal abnormalities.

Analysis of CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling)

Get early insights into your baby’s health.

Analysis of Amniotic Fluid

Uncover potential genetic issues or defects.

Pregnancy Loss Testing

Investigate the cause of a pregnancy loss to inform future family planning.

Additional Testing

Explore your genetic history and unlock personalized healthcare options.

Ancestry Testing

Uncover your genetic heritage and connect with your roots.

Paternity Testing

Get accurate and reliable results that ensure peace of mind and legal certainty.

Personalized Medicine

Unlock tailored healthcare options based on your unique genetic profile.


Genetic testing is a precision-based approach that looks for abnormal changes in your genetic material, called ‘DNA’. It involves identifying chromosomal abnormalities or gene alterations that trigger the development of disease.
Our experienced team will guide you through the process and help you determine the most appropriate test based on your individual needs, medical history, and concerns. We are committed to providing personalized care and support throughout your genetic testing journey.
Yes, your genetic testing results are strictly confidential. We adhere to the highest standards of privacy and ensure that your personal information and test results are securely stored and only accessible to authorized personnel.

The coverage for genetic testing varies depending on the type of testing and the insurance provider. Some insurers may cover certain genetic tests, while others may not. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to determine your coverage. You can also check with our help desk to tell you more about it.

Like any medical test, genetic testing carries some risks. However, the risks are typically minimal and depend on the type of test being performed. Our team of experts will discuss any potential risks with you before performing the test.

The time it takes to receive genetic testing results varies depending on the type of test being performed. Some results may be available in as little as a few days, while others may take several weeks. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline for your results.

The preparation for genetic testing Dubai varies depending on the type of test being performed. Our team will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare for your specific test.

Yes, genetic testing can provide valuable insights into your health and help you make informed decisions about your wellness journey. By analyzing your genetic makeup, we can identify potential health risks and develop personalized strategies to help you optimize your well-being. Our team of experts will work with you to interpret your results and develop a personalized plan tailored to your unique needs.

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