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Enhance the beauty of your lips at Jumeirah American Clinic, administered by the region’s leading and highly experienced cosmetic specialists.

We are the leading clinic for lip injections, dermal fillers, lip augmentations, and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures. We provide a range of options for lip augmentation and contouring that is suited to your face and requirements.

Lip augmentation is an increasingly popular procedure with both men and women for improving the appearance of your lips. Lips are an important part of facial beauty. For many people, fuller and more sensuous lips come high on their wish list. Our treatment can add volume and definition which can enhance small, thin lips. The procedure can also balance out asymmetric lips or reduce the appearance of fine, vertical lines.



Our primary goal is to ensure a natural result. We want to avoid lips that look swollen, unnatural or disproportionate to the face.

Fillers in Dubai

To learn more about the best lip fillers in Dubai, lip injections, and lip augmentations, book your consultation with our doctor today, and get excellent results quickly.

During your consultation, we will discuss both surgical and non-surgical alternatives to enhance your lips and help you choose the treatment option that delivers the most natural, beautiful results.






Why go for lip augmentation?
  • Plump up thin lips for volume, pout and fullness
  • Create and improve definition and width
  • Contouring and definition of the cupids bow
  • Smooth out wrinkle lines
  • Improve the look of the skin around the mouth
  • Improve the look of unwanted lip line by reducing fine vertical lines (often due to smoking) on the upper lip
  • Oral commissures or lines going down from the sides of the mouth, for a young and happy look
  • Marionette lines (sad lines from corner of lips downward)